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Axiom backing for recording triumph

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Axiom backing for recording triumph

19 April 2011

THE winner of the Scottish International Piano Competition has received a rare accolade in the world of classical music which was made possible through the support of Axiom Advocates.

Oxana Shevchenko has been awarded the "Editor's Choice" in April's Gramophone magazine, almost unprecede nted for a debut album.

The recording was made possible because of financial support provided by members of Axiom.

Over the years, the Faculty of Advocates has provided both financial and artistic backing for the SIPC which is based in Glasgow and part of the World Federation of International Music Competitions.

In 2001 and 2004 Lord Weir chaired the committee choosing the jury and setting the regulations and repertoire and he was succeeded in 2007 and 2010 by James McNeill QC of Axiom Advocates.

 Mr McNeill said: There have been nine competitions since 1986 but 2010 saw one of the most astonishing.

"Oxana Shevchenko was the undoubted winner of the first prize, but, uniquely among piano competitions in the World Federation of International Music Competitions, the Scottish was able in 2010 to include in the first prize a recording with Delphian Records.

"That recording (which was completed in two days) was made, released in early December 2010 and in the Gramophone of April 2011, has been accorded the accolade of 'Editor's Choice, something almost unheard of in debut discs."

Under the headline: "Discovering a Rare Talent" Jeremy Nicholas of Gramophone describes the album as "the most exciting debut disc to come my way for some time. It is a rare gift to convey on disc the sheer joy of performing as Miss Shevchenko does"

Oxana Shevchenko grew up in Kazakhstan, began playing piano at the age of seven and is currently studying at the Moscow Conservatory.

She told Gramophone: "I was very surprised and happy to win the competition. I didn't expect to win at all. I'm still glowing, particularly since I received part of the first prize, a new Bluthner grand piano.

""I've just been playing it non-stop ever since it arrived."