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Axiom Advocates welcomes the Appointment of Two New QCs

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Axiom Advocates welcomes the Appointment of Two New QCs

04 September 2007

It has been announced that James Wolffe and Alistair Clark, of Axiom Advocates, have been appointed as Queen's Counsel. These appointments are made by the Queen, on the recommendation of the First Minister following nomination by the Lord Justice General, Scotland's senior judge.

Called to the Bar in the early 90s, James and Alistair have practised as advocates for over 15 and 13 years respectively, and have acted in some of the major commercial and public law cases to have taken place in Scotland over recent years.

James has practised widely in public and commercial law. From 2002 until 2007, he was First Standing Junior Counsel to the Scottish Ministers and since January 2007, he has been an Advocate Depute, prosecuting serious crime in the High Court.

Notable cases in which he has been instructed include the Piper Alpha litigation; the challenge to the ban on hunting with dogs in Scotland; a claim for damages by the widow of a smoker against cigarette manufacturers; and cases concerning prisoners' rights and the independence of temporary judges.

Alistair's court appearance work has been in the Court of Session (Inner and Outer House) although he has also appeared in the House of Lords, in international commercial arbitrations and in mediations. He has also had experience as an ad hoc Advocate Depute in the High Court. He was formerly a university senior lecturer in law and he is a trained mediator.

These appointments bring the number of QCs at Axiom to 10.

The rank of Queen's Counsel is generally reserved for those who have distinguished themselves in practice in the Supreme Courts.

David Johnston QC, Director at Axiom Advocates said,

"We are delighted that Queen's Counsel status has been conferred on both James and Alistair. Taking silk is a significant step in an advocate's career and their colleagues at Axiom are proud that their respective abilities have been recognised in this way. "