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Axiom Advocates is the number-one choice for public and administrative work”

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Axiom Advocates is the number-one choice for public and administrative work”

26 September 2013

The Legal 500 has now published its recommendations for 2013 with Axiom Advocates being recognised as a first tier set with notable recommendations in the following practice areas:-

Civil liberties, human rights, public inquiries, and public and administrative law (including local governme nt)
Commercial litigation
Company and insolvency
Intellectual property and information technology 
Medical negligence and professional negligence
Property, construction and agriculture
Tax, trusts and pensions

Within Civil liberties, human rights, public inquiries, and public and administrative law (including local government),

Axiom Advocates is ‘the number-one choice for public and administrative work’. David Johnston QC is a leader in public law, with a long track record of involvement in precedent-setting cases. Richard Keen QC’s ‘advocacy skills are outstanding, particularly his cross-examination’. James Mure QC is ‘an exceptionally able senior counsel’. James Wolffe QC is ‘cerebral, but at ease in consultations with experts and clients’. Ruth Crawford QC is ‘very strong in public procurement; she quickly ascertains the crucial facts, and identifies areas of potential weakness’. Morag Ross appeared as junior counsel for the Scotch Whisky Association in its challenge to minimum alcohol pricing in Scotland. Lorna Drummond QC* (recently of Murray Stable) is also recognised as providing ‘clear and concise advice in charity law, equalities and human rights’.

Within Commercial litigation,

Axiom Advocates is noted for its ‘high number of commercially focused advocates, and extremely good clerking’. Roddy Dunlop QC consistently ‘punches above the level of the most senior QCs’, and Jonathan Lake QC has ‘unequalled strength in depth in commercial litigation’. James Mure QC and Richard Keen QC are also recommended. Heriot Currie QC was appointed part-time chairman of the Competition Appeal Tribunal in January 2013. Kenny McBrearty is ‘undoubtedly one of the stars at his level of the Scottish Bar’, and Paul O’Brien is ‘a real team player, and a great strategist’. Almira Delibegovic-Broome is noted for her ‘formidable combination of ability and commitment’.

Within Company and insolvency,

Axiom Advocates’ Richard Keen QC is ‘a standout commercial silk in Scotland’. ‘Academically, there are very, very few people at the Scottish Bar who can match’ Sarah Wolffe QC. Almira Delibegovic-Broome is ‘definitely among the most conscientious barristers at the Bar, and routinely produces written work ahead of schedule’. David Thomson is ‘pre-eminent in the personal bankruptcy arena’.

Within Intellectual property and information technology,

Axiom Advocates’ Heriot Currie QC is ‘impressive in court, and has wide experience in dealing with complex IP disputes, especially patent disputes’. Jonathan Lake QC is ‘exceptionally bright, and has a very meticulous approach to his cases’ in intellectual property matters. Many consider Roisin Higgins to be ‘the most experienced Scottish junior when it comes to IP law’. Paul O’Brien is also recommended for trade mark and patent litigation.

Within Personal injury, medical negligence and professional negligence,

Axiom Advocates ‘almost has the professional indemnity market sown up’. Roddy Dunlop QC is ‘very bright, diligent, straight-talking and assertive, and is a pleasure to deal with’. Iain Ferguson QC is ‘one of the best, if not the best, in his specialist field of clinical negligence defence’. Gavin Walker is ‘smart, good with clients, and imaginative when faced with difficult issues’ in indemnity matters.

Within Planning, environmental and licensing,

Planning expert Lorna Drummond QC* is ‘liked by judges, and persuasive in court’;

Within Property, construction and agriculture,

Axiom Advocates’ recommended construction practitioners include Garry Borland, who is ‘unflappable, with a very good legal mind’; the ‘user-friendly’ Martin Richardson, for his ‘particular expertise in construction litigation’; and Gavin Walker, who is ‘imaginative when faced with difficult issues and problems’. Richard Keen QC’s ‘analysis and judgement are superb’ in high-value construction disputes, and Morag Ross is ‘very clever indeed, and expresses her views succinctly and clearly’.

Within Tax, trusts and pensions,

Axiom Advocates’ James McNeill QC, who also sits as a judge in the Jersey and Guernsey Court of Appeal, has a substantial trusts and pensions practice.